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Vastu Tips for Your Next Buy

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian discipline of design and construction that promotes prosperity, happiness, and wealth. Bhogadyam (functionality), Sukha Darsham (aesthetically pleasant aesthetics), and Ramya are the three main principles (the user delight).

East, north, and northeast-facing homes, according to Vastu, are auspicious, or favorable to success. With proper guidance we can make sure that the house is vastu perfect. Now a days builders are paying attention to this need and demand of customers and building residences according to vastu. We can see a trend of office spaces, flats being built according to vastu and they get sold quicker too.

  1. Entrance
  • The front door of the house, is not only the entry to the family, but also the entrance to energy.
  • The finest directions for the house entrance from the front door, according to Vastu, are north, northeast, east, or west as it allows positive energy to circulate freely throughout the home.
  • Wood should be used of high quality, not to use coconut or people wood for the door.
  • Bright light over and a bowl of fresh water and flowers beside works great too.
  1. Mandir / Poojaghar
  • North-east direction, which is also called as ‘Ishan kona’, keep the temple there.
  • Try to ensure that you face the north or the east while offering prayers.
  • Don’t position the pooja room under a staircase or against the wall of a bathroom
  • Design the poojaghar on the ground floor
  • Align the pooja room along the north-east, east or northif you live in a north or east facing flat.
  • Do not overcrowd the temple and place multiple frames of same idol or deity.
  • Marble or wood should be used to construct the temple, Glass or plastic temples should be avoided.
  1. Kitchen
  • The kitchen should be at the house’s south east corner, with the cook facing east.
  • According to Vastu, when cooking, facing west is an alternate neutral way to face.
  • The sink should be situated in the kitchen’s north-west corner.
  • Windows are to be facing the East
  • Kitchen counter-tops being fixed in the South-East walls.
  1. Master Bedroom
  • Try to place your bedroom in South-West zone, if not available west, north and then south location should be preferred.
  • Your bed should not align with bedroom door
  • Place the bed in the south-west zone.
  • Make sure your head is in the south or east when you’re sleeping.
  • Wardrobes should be placed at the southwest corner of the bedroom, with the door Swinging open to the east or south.
  1. Children’s Bedroom
  • Most ideal positioning is north zone for children’s bedroom
  • the door of the room must not face the bed; it should not be directly facing towards the bed
  • Maintain a distance of three inches or more between the furniture and the wall.
  • While placing the cabinets, they should facing the south direction
  • Gadgets should be facing north or east direction

“Vastu is the study of energy, with the aim of making our lives happy, energetic, successful and prosperous. If the energy is not balanced, it may cause dullness, sorrow, health problems, business problems, financial distress, etc.,” says Vikash Sethi, promoter and CEO,

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